Stop consuming yellow boletus suspected to have mixed with inedible/poisonous species of mushrooms

Issue Date 4.2.2016
Source of Information

Centre for Food Safety (CFS)

Food Product

Prepackaged wild yellow boletus

Product Name and Description

Product name: CanBest - Wild Yellow boletus
Importer and packer: Joinluck Corporation Limited
Net weight: 60 grams per pack
Best-before date: December 30, 2016

Reason For Issuing Alert

Following up on a suspected food poisoning case in relation to the consumption of yellow boletus as notified by the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health, the CFS found a batch of prepackaged yellow boletus suspected to contain mixture of edible species as well as inedible/poisonous species of mushrooms.

Action Taken by the Centre for Food Safety

Upon receiving notification from CHP, the CFS had conducted investigation at a concerned department store and instructed it stop selling and remove the affected batch of the product from shelves.

The CFS had followed up with the importer and packer of the product concerned and requested it to stop sale and recall the affected batch of the product. Based on the distribution information provided by the importer and packer, the CFS had contacted other vendors which had purchased the affected product and confirmed that they had already stopped sale and removed from shelves the incriminated product.

Advice to the Trade

Stop using or selling the products concerned

Advice to Consumers

Those who had purchased and still possessed the affected batch of the product to stop consuming it, and to seek medical advice immediately if symptoms develop after consuming the food.

Consumers may call the importer and packer's hotline at 2984 8148 during office hours for enquiries about the recall.

When buying and eating fresh mushrooms, observe the following points:

  • Do not buy mushroom products which are doubted to have carried mixing of unknown species;
  • Do not buy mushrooms which look unhygienic (with growing substrates left with the product) or show signs of spoilage (with coloured spots/abnormal smell/slime, etc);
  • Wash and cook mushrooms thoroughly before consumption; and
  • Seek medical treatment immediately if mushroom poisoning is suspected.
Further Information

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