Two kinds of noodle and dumpling imported from Taiwan were contaminated with substandard lard

Issue Date 8.10.2014
Source of Information

Taiwanese authorities

Food Product

Noodle and dumpling

Product Name and Description

(1) Product name: Traditional Tiny Noodles
Place of origin: Taiwan
Manufacturer: Long Kow Foods Enterprise Corporation
Use-by dates: March 5, 2015; April 14, 2015; April 21, 2015; May 22, 2015; July 8, 2015; July 24, 2015; and August 1, 2015

(2) Product name: Pork Cooked Dumpling
Place of origin: Taiwan
Manufacturer: Chi Mei Frozen Food Co., Ltd
Batch: April 28, 2014; May 5, 2014; and June 9, 2014

Reason For Issuing Alert

The concerned products were manufactured with substandard lard.

Action Taken by the Centre for Food Safety

The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) will alert the trade to stop supply and recall the products.

The CFS will continue to closely monitor the disposal of the affected products as stipulated in the Food Safety Order.

Advice to the Trade

Traders who have the products concerned in their possession should stop to supply the products and should recall the products in accordance with a Food Safety Order issued on September 14.

Advice to Consumers

Members of the public should not consume these two products.

Further Information

The CFS press release

Centre for Food Safety
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department