Stop consuming bottled organic black soybean milk with suspected pathogen contamination

Issue Date 9.7.2014
Source of Information The Centre for Food Safety (CFS)
Food Product Soybean milk
Product Name and Description

Product name: Organic Black Soybean Milk (by Hung Fook Tong)
Package: 350 millilitres per bottle
Best before date: July 5, 2014
Place of origin: Hong Kong

Reason For Issuing Alert During follow-up investigation on a case of removal from shelves of some food products by a local food chain, the CFS collected samples of the food products at the retail level for testing. Test results showed that a sample of bottled organic black soybean milk contained Bacillus cereus at an excessive level of 540,000 per gramme. According to the 'Microbiological Guidelines for Ready-to-eat Food', it is potentially hazardous to the health of consumers if 100,000 or more of Bacillus cereus per gramme of food is detected.
Action Taken by the Centre for Food Safety CFS staff have inspected the processing plant and retail outlets of the manufacturer. The manufacturer indicated that the affected batch of the product had been out of stock.

CFS staff have also inspected other retail outlets and have not found any product of the affected batch available for sale so far.

The CFS has issued a warning to the manufacturer concerned.

The CFS will consider taking out prosecution action based on the test result and continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate actions whenever necessary.
Advice to the Trade Stop selling the concerned product.
Advice to Consumers Stop consuming the concerned product.

People should seek medical advice if they feel sick after consuming the concerned product.
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