Food Allergen Alert: Stop Consuming a Pre-packaged Mixed Soybean Paste Manufactured in Korea Which May Contain Undeclared Peanut

Issue Date 26.3.2013
Source of Information

American authorities

Food Product

Mixed soybean paste

Product Name and Description

Product name: Mixed Soybean Paste (Sesame & Garlic)
Manufacturer: Daesang Corporation
Importer: Kofco Enterprise (Aisa) Co, Ltd
Place of origin: Korea
Packing size: 500 grammes

Reason For Issuing Alert

The pre-packaged mixed soybean paste manufactured in Korea is suspected to contain an allergen, peanut, but has not been declared on the product's food label.

Action Taken by the Centre for Food Safety

The CFS would issue warning letters to the importer and supermarket concerned.

CFS staff have conducted checks on the concerned importer and supermarkets. Sale of these products was stopped.

Advice to the Trade

Stop selling the product concerned.

Advice to Consumers

Consumers who are allergic to peanuts should refrain from eating the Korean product mentioned above because peanut is a known allergen and may cause allergic reactions with symptoms like vomiting, diarrhoea, asthma and rash upon consumption. In severe cases anaphylactic shock may even develop.

Consumers who have bought the particular product and are allergic to peanuts should stop eating it, regardless of any batch.

People should seek medical treatment if they feel unwell after taking the food.

Further Information

The CFS press release

The concerned importer has initiated a recall of the product concerned. For enquiries about the recall, consumers may call the company's telephone hotline (2307 6152) during office hours.

Centre for Food Safety
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department