Not to consume a kind of powdered formula for young children manufactured in the Netherlands, which might contain Salmonella

Issue Date 19.7.2012
Source of Information European Commission (EC)
Food Product Powdered formula for young children
Product Name and Description

Product name: TwoBebes Growing up milk 3 (for children aged above 12 months)
Place of origin: Holland (The Netherlands)
Lot number: All batches
Net weight: 900g

Reason For Issuing Alert A kind of dietary fibre (Galacto-oligosaccharide, GOS), produced in Korea, was detected with Salmonella by the Netherlands authorities. Investigations revealed that the dietary fibre had been supplied to the manufacturers of powdered formula for infants / young children in the Netherlands. The above powdered formula for young children from Netherlands might be affected.
Action Taken by the Centre for Food Safety The CFS visited the offices of the importer for investigation and learnt that the retail outlets of the importer have stopped sale of the product concerned. The importer has also agreed to surrender all remaining stocks voluntarily for disposal.

Staff from the CFS have also conducted checks at other retail outlets in the market and, so far, found no affected product available for sale.

The trade has been alerted to the incident. The CFS will continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate follow-up action.
Advice to the Trade Stop selling the affected product.
Advice to Consumers Salmonella infection may cause fever and gastrointestinal upset such as vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhoea. The effects on people with lowered immunity such as infants and young children could be more severe and sometimes may even lead to death.

Not to consume the affected product, regardless of any batch.

Seek medical treatment if feeling unwell after consuming the affected product.

Reconstitute milk powder with water not less than 70 degrees Celsius (water left for no more than 30 minutes after boiling) and then cool it down to a suitable temperature to feed infants and young children. Reconstituted milk should be consumed within two hours.
Further Information

The CFS press release

Consumer may contact the importer, PrizeMart Limited, at 2406 8879 for enquiries about the recall.

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