Roving Exhibitions on Food Safety in 2022

The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) holds a series of exhibitions across the territory every year.  Panels covering different topics such as food safety and nutrition are shown to enhance public knowledge on how to make safe and suitable food choices.

FOUR roving exhibitions will be held in the following venues in May 2022. Details are as follows:

Date Time Venue Theme
4/5 10am – 4pm Java Road Market

Veterinary Drug Residues; Natural Toxins; Ciguatoxins

17/5 10am – 4pm Tai Kok Tsui Market

Safety Advice for Pregnant Women; Organic Food; Veterinary Drug Residues

27/5 10am – 4pm Harbour Building

Nutrition Labelling; Prevention of Cross-contamination ; Trans Fats

30/5 10am – 4pm Po On Street Market

Nutrition Labelling; Pesticide Residues; Trans Fats

New arrangements of the exhibitions will be announced regularly and members of the public are welcome to visit the CFS website.  For any enquiries, please contact our Communication Resource Unit at 2381 6096.