The Committee on Reduction of Salt and Sugar in Food (CRSS) proposed to introduce a voluntary front-of-pack “low-salt-low-sugar” labelling scheme (the Scheme) for prepackaged food. The CRSS considers that the Scheme for pre-packaged food will help consumers identify low-salt-low-sugar products easily and make informed choices. It is also wished that the Scheme will serve as a catalyst for the trade to provide more varieties of low-salt-low-sugar products for consumers. The objective of the competition is to invite members of the public to design a set of "low-salt-low-sugar" labels for use in prepackaged food. The authorities may consider making use of the winning entries when introducing the aforementioned scheme.

Eligibility of Entry

The Competition is open to the public.


  • To design a set of four simple and easy-to-understand labels for “low salt”, “no salt”, “low sugar” and “no sugar”.
Basic requirements
  • The labels should be usable individually and present to consumers clearly that the product is low salt, no salt, low sugar and no sugar. A label may appear in both Chinese and English languages or may be presented in two separate versions.
  • The design should not be misleading, for example, implying or signifying that other nutrient contents are healthier or the product itself is healthier.
Definition in the legislation
  • Under the Food and Drugs (Composition and Labelling) Regulation (Cap.132W), prepackaged food with “low sugar” or “no sugar” claim must contain no more than 5 grams or 0.5 grams of sugars respectively per 100 grams / milliliters of solid/liquid food. Prepackaged food with “low sodium” or “no sodium” claim must contain no more than 120 milligrams or 5 milligrams of sodium respectively per 100 grams / milliliters of food. It should be noted that any nutrition claims made on “salt” must meet the respective conditions of claims on “sodium”, according to the guidelines published by the CFS.
  • A set of label designs.
  • A brief description of up to 200 words in Chinese or English, illustrating design consideration, design concept and usability on food packages.
  • Submission of more than one entry is welcome.
Intellectual Property Rights
  • An entrant agrees and undertakes, in the event that his/her entry is selected as one of the winning entries, to assign to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (HKSARG) the right of ownership and all the Intellectual Property Rights subsisting in the entry, and not to assign the Intellectual Property Rights subsisting in the entry to any party other than the HKSARG.
Submission format
  • All entries must be presented in A4 (210 mm x 297 mm) document size. Both colour and black/white versions must be included on the same page.
  • Soft copy must also be submitted:
    • Must include both “ai” and “jpg” formats
    • “ai” file should be CMYK format for printing
    • Resolution of the “jpg” should be 300 dpi (for size not less than 15 cm ´ 15 cm)
  • Entries of scanned or photographed hand-drawn works will not be accepted.

Reference information on the reduction of salt and sugar as well as the use of nutrition labelling can be referred to the web pages below:

Sugar reduction page https://goo.gl/ti20CU
Salt (sodium) reduction page https://goo.gl/O6RgmG
Nutrition labelling page https://goo.gl/Vi8msR
Hong Kong's Action on Salt and Sugar Reduction Facebook page https://goo.gl/Z6RK9f

Judging Criteria

Only entries fulfilling the aforementioned basic requirements will be considered. A judging panel will judge the entries according to the criteria below:

Judging Panel

The judging panel will be under the steer of the chairperson of the CRSS and/or chairpersons of the Working Group on Lowering Content of Salt and Sugar in Food as well as the Working Group on Publicity and Education. It will compris members of the CRSS and both Working Groups as well as relevant trade representatives.

Judging Process and Awards

Award Prize (Home Appliances Gift voucher)
Champion Worth HK$4,800
First Runner-up Worth HK$3,600
Second Runner-up Worth HK$2,400

Important Dates

Item Date
Application and Submission of Entry 2 May 2017 (Tuesday) to 7 July 2017 (Friday)
Selection of Winners Before 15 September 2017 (Friday)
Award Presentation Ceremony October 2017

Application and Enquiries

Terms and Conditions

Entry Form