Food Safety Day 2018
Adopt Food Safety System – HACCP

The Food Safety Day is an annual signature event organised by the Centre for Food Safety (CFS) with a view to strengthening tripartite collaboration among the government, food trade and the public. The theme for this year is "Adopt Food Safety System-HACCP”, and a series of activities will be held to introduce this scientific and systematic approach - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) to identify, assess and control of hazards in the food production process. As an international recognised system, HACCP is an effective and preventive way to perform food safety control by integrating the steps into each session of food production process. Poster and leaflet of the event are available here.

The Food Safety Day 2018 was held on 17 July (Tuesday) at D-park in Tsuen Wan as the kick-off event of the campaign to increase awareness of HACCP among the general public, including the trade and the consumers, and to continue making efforts to promote food hygiene in the prevention of foodborne diseases. 

Representatives from food trade associations who have joined the “Food Safety Charter Scheme” were invited to participate in the signing ceremony in the Food Safety Day 2018. By signing the Charter, they promised to adopt appropriate measures in food production process to ensure food safety. Apart from this kick-off event, the CFS has also launched a set of publicity initiatives, including food safety talk series on HACCP in order to enrich the public and the trade with food safety knowledge. 

For details of the talks:

Trade Series

Public Series

Photo 1 : The Controller of the CFS, Dr HO Yuk-yin (fourth right); the Executive Administrator (Hong Kong Accreditation Service) of Innovation and Technology Commission, Ms Bella HO (fourth left); Chairman of The Hong Kong Food Council, Mr. CHAN Kin-nin, Kenneth (third left); Chairman of The Association for Hong Kong Catering Services Management, Mr. LEUNG Chun-wah (third right); Vice Chairman of Institution of Dining Art, Mr. Henry MA (second left); Vice Chairman of Association of Restaurant Managers, Mr. LEUNG Kui-tang (second right); Chairman of International Food Safety Association, Ms. Becky CHEUNG (first left); and Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants and Related Trades, Mr. Ricky LAM (first right) officiated at the opening ceremony of the Food Safety Day 2018.

Photo 2 :  The Controller of the Centre for Food Safety, Dr HO Yuk-yin encouraged the food trade to adopt the HACCP system to enhance food safety.

Photo 3 : Representative of the Cathay Pacific Catering Services Limited shared her experience of implementing HACCP system.

Photo 4 : A group photo of The Controller of the Centre for Food Safety, Dr HO Yuk-yin and Consultant, Centre for Food Safety; Dr YEUNG Tze-kiu, Samuel; and representatives of Food Trade Associations who participating in Food Safety Charter.

Photo 5 : A group photo of The Controller of the Centre for Food Safety, HO Yuk-yin and Consultant, Centre for Food Safety, Dr YEUNG Tze-kiu, Samuel; and representatives of lunch box suppliers.

Photo 6:Audience joined the on-stage game to understand how to prepare a dish with some HACCP principles in an interesting way.





Photo 7-14 : Different interactive game booths for audience to play and learn HACCP, including understanding the potential risks in food and the safe temperature.




Photo 15-22 : Exhibition boards were placed to introduce HACCP and explain 5 Keys to Food Safety with pictures and diagrams.

Photo 23 : A group of students performed marvelous rope skipping in group on stage.