Preservative exceeds legal limit in candied winter melon, candied carrot and two candied lotus seed samples


The Centre for Food Safety of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department received a notification from the Department of Food Safety of the Macao Municipal Affairs Bureau, that two candied lotus seed, a candied winter melon and a candied carrot sample imported via Hong Kong was found to contain Sulphur dioxide at a level of 765 mg/kg / 664 mg/kg, 1560 mg/kg and 1230 mg/kg respectively, exceeding the standard of Macao. The Centre for Food Safety therefore immediately contacted the local importer concerned for follow-up. According to the information provided by the importer, the affected product was available for sale in Hong Kong.

Food name:

  1. candied lotus seed
  2. candied winter melon
  3. candied carrot


Sulphur dioxide

Detected level:

  1. 765 mg/kg / 664 mg/kg
  2. 1560 mg/kg
  3. 1230 mg/kg

Maximum permitted level:

500 mg/kg

Source of information:

The Department of Food Safety of the Macao Municipal Affairs Bureau


  1. The Centre for Food Safety has instructed the vendor to stop selling the affected products.
  2. According to the Preservatives in Food Regulation (Cap 132BD), any person who sells food with preservative above the legal limit may be prosecuted and is liable to a maximum fine of $50,000 and six months' imprisonment upon conviction.
  3. Based on the level of Sulphur dioxide detected in the samples, adverse health effects would not be caused under usual consumption.
  4. The Centre for Food Safety will continue to follow up on the incident and take appropriate action. Investigation is ongoing.

END/Sunday, January 15, 2023