Prepackaged pork jerky sample detected with non-permitted preservative

Food name:

Honey Sauce Pork Jerky
Net weight:

94.8 grams

Place of origin: Taiwan
Use by date:

June 24, 2022


Sorbic acid

Detected level:

1550 parts per million

Maximum permitted level:

Not Permitted

Sampling location:

An online vendor

  1. The CFS has instructed the vendor to stop selling the incriminated batch of the affected product.
  2. According to the Preservatives in Food Regulation (Cap 132BD), sorbic acid is not permitted to be added in meat and meat products. An offender is subject to a fine of $50,000 and six months' imprisonment upon conviction.
  3. Sorbic acid is a preservative of low-toxicity. Based on the level of detected in the above-mentioned sample, adverse health effects will not be caused under usual consumption.
  4. The CFS will inform the trade, continue to follow up on the unsatisfactory result, including tracing the source of the food in question.
  5. Investigation is ongoing.

END/ Thursday, May 19, 2022