A welsh onion sample detected with pesticide residue exceeding legal limit

Food name:

Welsh onion



Detected level:

2.82 parts per million

Maximum permitted level:

2 parts per million

Sampling location:

A grocery in Aberdeen


  1. The CFS has instructed the trade to stop selling the affected product.
  2. Any person who imports, manufactures or sells any food not in compliance with the requirements of the Pesticide Residues in Food Regulation (Cap 132CM) concerning pesticide residues commits an offence and is liable to a maximum fine of $50,000 and to imprisonment for six months upon conviction.
  3. Based on the level of Thiamethoxam detected in the sample, adverse health effects would not be caused under usual consumption.
  4. Generally speaking, to reduce pesticide residues in vegetables, members of the public can rinse vegetables thoroughly under clean running water, and scrub produce with hard surfaces with a clean produce brush to remove dirt and substances including pesticides and contaminants from the surface and the crevices, when appropriate.
  5. The CFS will continue to follow up on the unsatisfactory result, including tracing the source of the food in question and taking sample for testing so as to safeguard public health.
  6. Investigation is ongoing.

END/ October 11, 2021 (Monday)