Sulphur dioxide found in a pork sample

Product name:

Pork Collar Butt Meat with Fat

Non-compliant test parameters:

Sulphur dioxide

Detected level:

279.8 parts per million

Legal standard:

Not permitted

Sampling location:

An online shop


  • The CFS has instructed the vendor to stop selling the affected product.
  • According to the Preservatives in Food Regulation (Cap 132BD), it is an offence to add sulphur dioxide to fresh or chilled meat. Offenders are liable to a maximum fine of $50,000 and six months' imprisonment upon conviction.

  • Sulphur dioxide is water soluble, and most of it can be removed through washing and cooking. However, susceptible individuals who are allergic to this preservative may experience breathing difficulties, headaches and nausea after consumption.

  • The CFS will follow up on the unsatisfactory result, including tracing the source and distribution of the food in question and taking samples for testing so as to safeguard public health.

  • Investigation is ongoing.

END/Wednesday, January 6, 2021