Coliform bacteria exceeds legal limit in Raw Milk sample

Food name:

Raw Milk

Bacteria name:

Coliform bacteria in 1/1000th (0.001) of a millilitre is Present

Maximum limit:

No any Coliform bacteria in 1/1000th (0.001) of a millilitre

Sampling location:

The CFS collected the Raw Milk sample at import level for testing under routine Food Surveillance Programme.


  1. According to the Milk Regulation (Cap 132 AQ), raw milk is required to be heat treated before sale, the level of coliform bacteria in the final products will be greatly reduced.
  2. The CFS followed up on the unsatisfactory result, including tracing the source of the food in question and conduction inspection of the concerned food factory. No irregularity was detected.
  3. CFS had already taken final products samples made from the concerned raw milk for microbiological tests and all results were satisfactory.

END / Monday Jan 28, 2019