To facilitate trade members in understanding and adopting the "Five Keys to Food Safety" and GHPs, the CFS has launched a new value added scheme for food handlers, namely "Safe Kitchen". Through a variety of training materials and courses, the Scheme enables food handlers to learn practical food safety knowledge to meet the daily operational needs of food premises. Participants completing a course and passing a simple assessment will be awarded a certificate. The Scheme also creates a communication platform to disseminate the latest food safety information to food handlers through a host of channels such as WhatsApp, e-mails and dedicated webpages. In response to food poisoning outbreaks in restaurants, it will also issue food alerts to remind the trade of the points to note in preventing occurrence of similar incidents.

Who are Suitable?

The "Safe Kitchen" Scheme targets mainly employees of food premises. Apart from kitchen staff with direct contact with food such as chefs, it is also suitable for floor staff including waiters/waitresses, cleaners, cashiers, buyers, managers and other management personnel.

Stay tuned for the latest details on the training and assessment arrangement announced by the Community Resource Centre of the CFS.

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