In a nutshell: Purchasing is the very first step of a process that takes place in the kitchen every day. Once food and supplies have been purchased, they must be thoroughly inspected upon delivery to ensure safety. Food can be saved from spoiling and contamination by proper storage.


Purchase food and its ingredients from reliable and approved sources. Do not buy from questionable sources:


Upon receipt of food, the following items should be inspected:


Store food properly. Food should be kept at safe and appropriate temperatures and used in a first-in-first-out (FIFO) manner:

Bacteria can grow rapidly when the food is kept at dangerous temperatures between 4℃and 60℃ (e.g. room temperature). Therefore, it is important to keep all foods, high-risk food in particular, away from the Temperature Danger Zone.

A FIFO stock rotation system enables the safe use of raw materials. According to the principle, you have to arrange items on shelves in such a way that the oldest items are used first.

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