Barbecued Meat

Barbecued meat is the meat cooked by dry heat method, like grilling and roasting. Two types of barbecued meat, namely dried meat and Cantonese style barbecued meat called "Siu Mei", are commonly sold in Hong Kong.

Recent studies show that a cancer-causing compound, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), can be produced when barbecued meat is not processed properly. For example, meat oil dripping onto the heat source generates PAHs that will be deposited on the meat surface. Incomplete combustion of fuel, like charcoal or wood, may be another mechanism of PAH formation. The following are some known factors increasing the level of PAHs in barbecued food -

In order to enhance food safety, food manufacturers should consider the following advices when making barbecued meat -

Selection of cooking method and temperature

Preparation before barbecuing



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