Nutrition Information on Food Labels

Trailer for the Thematic Video on Nutrition Labelling "Be Smart, Be Nutrient Conscious"

From 1 st July 2010 , most prepackaged food will carry nutrition label which lists out the energy content and values of 7 nutrients specified for labelling. "Be smart Be nutrient conscious" depicts a story happened at Hong Kee grocery store. The story is interlaced with interesting animations and practical "Nutrition Lessons" to facilitate audience in understanding nutrition labels.

Hong has been running the grocery store, Hong Kee, for years based on the principle of making profit. Hong's daughter Ying is a university student majoring in Food and Nutritional Sciences who always provides customers with healthy tips. She teaches customers how to read nutrition labels so as to choose healthier food products. However, Hong believes that it will affect his business and his relationship with his daughter becomes uneasy. Kin, staff of Hong Kee who admires Ying, becomes very frustrated. Will there be a happy ending?