Nutrition Information on Food Labels

The System for Small Volume Exemption (SSVE), which is an one-stop electronic communication platform between grantees of small volume exemption (SVE) from nutrition labelling products and the Centre for Food Safety (CFS) of Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, was rolled out on 30 December 2022. Upon roll-out of the new SSVE, the Food Import Control System (FICS) had been replaced and cease operation. Nevertheless, FICS will continue to process application(s) submitted before 30 Dec 2022 until completion. .

Applicant may make use of the SSVE to apply for exemption by electronic means. All SVE grantees are eligible to use online services to handle matters related to SVE products.  After the first application, each grantee will be allocated with one account. The grantees may use this account for future online applications via SSVE website ( The SSVE operating 24 hours a day (except during system maintenance) provides various functions of online services, including:

Apart from the above, grantees may make use of the SSVE to check the exemption products, apply for amendment and cancellation of application. Grantees may also check the total and the cumulative sales volume of a product at any time and monitor the sales volume of the product does not exceed 30,000 units. CFS will issue notifications relating to exemption SVE applications through the SSVE

The grantee should report to CFS the sales volume in respect of the exempted product either through SSVE or in writing on a monthly basis within the first 10 days of the following month.

To submit the application of SVE, applicant may also complete the manual application form FEHB233(4/2012). For the details of the application, please click here.

 If the trade has any enquiries concerning SSVE and SVE application, please call the SVE Office at 3583 3653 or fax to 3105 0457 / 3105 0458 or email to