Nutrition Information on Food Labels

Audio Dramas on Nutrition Labelling Scheme

Please click the following hyperlinks to listen to the various audio dramas (English version):

  1. Get to know the new Nutrition Labelling Scheme (wav, 19.7Mb)
  2. Energy and nutrients (wav, 60.5Mb)
  3. How to read nutrition label (wav, 70.8Mb)
  4. Understanding nutrition claims (wav, 57.4Mb)
  5. Use nutrition labels to choose "3 low" food (wav, 52.2Mb)
  6. Weight maintenance and energy (wav, 31.6Mb)
  7. Childhood obesity and Nutrition Labelling (wav, 32.4Mb)
  8. Diabetes Mellitus and carbohydrates (wav, 53.7Mb)
  9. Heart diseases and fats (wav, 59Mb)
  10. High blood pressure and sodium (wav, 39.5Mb)

Members of the public may call our 24-hour Hotline 2868 0000 to listen to the above audio dramas and obtain relevant materials by fax. Members of the public can also opt to be connected to staff of the Centre for Food Safety for enquiry during office hours.