During the last few years, HACCP have been considered internationally to be one of the most effective ways to assure and enhance food safety. In 1993, recognizing the importance of HACCP to food control, Codex Alimentarius Commission endorsed HACCP concept as a worldwide guideline. To date, many developed countries have formally adopted their HACCP-based food safety plan as their regulatory strategy for ensuring food safety.

In Hong Kong, the food industry has also recognized the importance of Food Safety Plan in assuring food safety. In fact, some large food processing factories have adopted Food Safety Plan as their food safety management systems.

However, the success of introducing Food Safety Plan within all food businesses requires support and effort from different parties. Firstly, owners/managers of food businesses must understand their responsibility of ensuring food safety. They must have full commitment and enthusiasm in order to successfully implement Food Safety Plan in their premises. Secondly, the Government should take part in the partnership with the industry by providing training opportunities to the trade so that owners/managers have a clear understanding on the principles, applications and benefits of Food Safety Plan.

In the last few years, HKSAR has organized a number of activities (including seminars, workshops, talks, exhibitions, etc.) with a view to introducing and promoting the principles, the application and the benefits of Food Safety Plan to the trade. We shall continue to organize a variety of educational activities in the years to come and contact owners/managers of food businesses in order to facilitate the introduction of Food Safety Plan within their enterprises