Flavoured Ice Beverages are popular beverages in Hong Kong especially in summer. This type of beverage contains finely blended ice mixed with flavour, syrup and other ingredients based on consumer choices. If such beverage is not handled hygienically and stored properly, pathogenic bacteria may multiply rapidly and food-borne diseases may arise as a result of consumption of contaminated beverages. Therefore, as food trade personnel, you should adopt good manufacturing practices in order to produce flavoured ice beverages with good quality in terms of safety and hygiene. The following points should be noted:

Select Ingredients Carefully

Use only drink mixes obtained from licensed food factories or from other approved sources;

Use only approved food additives such as colouring matters;

Use safe and clean water for making ice

Use only boiled water and / or distilled water for diluting drink mixes/fruit juices in the preparation of the beverages.

Observe Good Food Hygiene

Store ice used for the beverages separately to avoid contamination;

Store all flavoured ice beverages and chilled ingredients in covered containers and keep them separately in the refrigerator at a temperature 4°C or below;

Maintain a first-in-first-out principle to avoid prolonged storage which affects the freshness and safety of the beverages.

Ensure Hygiene of Equipment/Utensil

Clean and sanitize all utensils and equipment including electric blenders and packaging machines with suitable facilities and procedures;

Check, clean and change water filter regularly if used;

Keep all drinking straws (or tubes) in dust-proof containers;

Keep disposable cups used for serving beverages in dust-proof containers;

Provide sufficient litter containers for the used disposable cups.

Personal Hygiene

Wash hand thoroughly with clean water and soap before handling food;

Wear clean overalls or outer garments;

Cover open wounds and septic sores on hands or arms completely with brightly coloured waterproof wound strip;

Wear disposable gloves if the wound is on the hand. Change both gloves and wound strip regularly;

Do not cough or sneeze directly onto food; cover your nose and mouth with disposable tissues or your hands when coughing or sneezing and wash your hands immediately;

Refrain from smoking while handling food;

Stop food handling if suffering from sore throat or gastro-intestinal disturbances like diarrhoea and vomiting.


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