Opinion Box- Comments are welcomed

Welcome to our opinion box! The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) is currently introducing Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point based Food Safety Plan (HACCP based FSP) to the trade and public. Your valuable feedback on our publicity programme can help us to do better. Please kindly complete the following questions.

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1. For cooked foods, cooking step is a critical control point to prevent foodborne illnesses.
2. We should store RTE foods and non-RTE foods at upper and lower compartments in refrigerator respectively.
3. Unfinished food should not be wasted and should be kept for consumption until finished.
4. When I buy pre-packaged foods, I seldom check the expiry dates.
5. I wash hands with soap and water before preparing foods.
6. My family use separate chopping boards for ready-to-eat (RTE) foods and non-RTE foods.
7. I learn the concept of food safety from the publicity programme.
8. The Food Safety Plan introduced is workable for me.
9. Are you working in food sector?



Thank you for your valuable comments. We appreciate your support in our work and an interesting & useful souvenir on food safety will be given to you. Please leave your name and telephone number/e-mail address for our follow-up.