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Food Surveillance Programme

The Food Surveillance Programme is designed to control and prevent food hazards. It is a key component of the Centre's food safety assurance programme and is aimed to find out the safety of our food supply.

Inspectors of the Centre take samples at import, wholesale and retail levels for microbiological, chemical and radiation testings. Microbiological testing covers both bacteria and viruses, while chemical testing includes natural toxins, food additives and contaminants. The Centre will continue to promote public awareness and promulgate surveillance results for public information. The food surveillance programme will be strengthened by making it more risk-based and with a wider coverage.

To be in line with the international trend of putting more focus on target-based surveillance, the CFS has started to adopt a more targeted and client-oriented approach since 2007. It is a three-tier approach to food surveillance consisting of routine food surveillance, targeted food surveillance and seasonal food surveillance.

Food Surveillance Results :

For the latest monthly Food Safety Reports and Food Surveillance Results, as well as major food incidents and ban on import and sale of food products, please refer to the Press Releases.

Food Surveillance Results for 2000 to 2023

Food Surveillance Results for 2024

Seasonal Food Surveillance

Targeted Food Surveillance

Sampling Plans for Suspect Food Lots