A food consumption survey is a survey to collect food consumption data of the population, such as the types and amounts of food consumed by individuals. A population-based food consumption survey is crucial for establishing a comprehensive database for food safety risk assessment and enhancing the risk assessment capacity of the Centre for Food Safety (CFS).

The food consumption data collected will be used to find out if the public is exposed to any potential dietary risks such as those from contaminants and food additives, and also to understand the size of the risk and which population groups may be most at risk. Such information is vital for the Government in formulating public policies and education strategies to promote food safety in Hong Kong.

The First Hong Kong Population-based Food Consumption Survey

The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) conducted Hong Kong's largest scale and most comprehensive food consumption survey for collecting information on food consumption patterns of the general public in 2005-2007. The CFS has applied the findings in daily food safety risk assessment work and Total Diet Study. For details of the First Hong Kong Population-based Food Consumption Survey and the survey report, please click here.

The Second Hong Kong Population-based Food Consumption Survey

Due to changes of dietary habits over time, it is necessary to update food consumption survey data regularly, so that risk assessment can produce accurate and reliable results and conclusions. In 2018-2020, the CFS conducted the Second Hong Kong Population-based Food Consumption Survey. For details, please click here.

Food Consumption Survey in the Younger Population 2021-2022

The CFS conducted a food consumption survey in the younger population in 2021-2022 to collect their food consumption data. The data collected will facilitate the Government to formulate effective food safety public policies, risk management strategies and risk communication measures for the younger population in Hong Kong. For details, please click here.

Advisory Panel on Food Consumption Surveys

The CFS has set up an Advisory Panel on Food Consumption Surveys to provide professional advice and make recommendations on the design and conduct of the Surveys. Please click the following links for details of the Advisory Panel:

  1. Membership
  2. Terms of Reference