Latest test results of dairy product samples

The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) today (September 29) released the latest batch of results of melamine tests on dairy products.

Results available today showed that of the 110 samples tested, 108 were satisfactory. These included imported milk and milk beverages, frozen confections, cream, raw milk, baby food, cocoa mix, biscuits and candies.

Two samples of milk biscuit were found unsatisfactory. Details are as follows:

1. Milk biscuit "利誠干吃奶片 (原味)" (net weight: 168g, expiry date: 13.3.2009); level of melamine detected – 4.7ppm.

2. Milk biscuit "利誠干吃奶片 (原味)" (net weight: 168g, expiry date: 10.3.2009); level of melamine detected – 8.3ppm.

Under the Harmful Substances in Food (Amendment) Regulation 2008 which took effect on September 23, the legal limit for melamine in the above milk biscuit is 2.5ppm.

"We have earlier announced an unsatisfactory sample of the same product and asked the trade to stop selling the product concerned," a spokesman for the CFS said.

"For the unsatisfactory samples announced today, the CFS will take out prosecution if there is sufficient evidence."

According to the standards of the US Food and Drug Administration, the safety reference value (i.e. tolerable daily intake - TDI) for melamine is 0.63mg per kg of body weight per day. For children under the age of 36 months, as they are more sensitive to melamine, the TDI for melamine is 0.32mg per kg of body weight per day. Transient excursion above the TDI of melamine would have no health consequences provided that the average intake over long period has not exceeded the TDI.

On the sample of the milk biscuit which was detected with a melamine level of 8.3ppm, the spokesman said a child weighing 10kg (about 3-year-old) would have to eat about 0.4kg (about 20 small packs) of the product a day to reach the TDI. For an adult with average body weight of 60 kg, he will need to consume about 4.6kg (about 270 small packs) of the product a day before reaching the TDI.

"Based on the levels detected, the public is advised to stop consuming the product concerned," the spokesman said.

"On overseas agency reports that some brands' products were detected to contain melamine, the CFS would take samples of the related products for testing and follow up.

"So far, the CFS has collected 22 samples of instant milk beverages for testing and all the results were satisfactory. We are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to collect other dairy products and products with dairy ingredients for testing."

Information on the test results can be found on CFS's website For enquiries, members of the public can also call CFS's enquiry number 2381 6096 which operates from 9am to 9pm daily.

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Unsatisfactory results of testing of Melamine

Satisfactory results of testing of Melamine