CFS explains disclosure of supplier's name

In response to media enquiries about why a supplier was named in investigations into the source of suspected food poisoning cases involving consumption of raw oysters in food premises, a spokesman for the Centre for Food Safety (CFS) said today (October 12) that the information was released because oysters involved in the cases were believed to be provided by the same supplier.

In following up the cases, the Centre for Health Protection also found that the stool sample of one of the 33 people who developed food poisoning symptoms after consuming the raw oysters concerned was tested positive to Norovirus. This virus usually exists in seafood, especially raw oysters.

"We hope the trade will be aware of the situation and be vigilant. We have also asked the supplier to provide their oyster distribution list," the spokesman said.

During investigations, the CFS has taken 15 raw oyster samples from the supplier, with most of the test results pending.

"We are still following up with the supplier as to the source of the oysters," the spokesman said.

Ends/Thursday, October 12, 2006