CFS follows up food poisoning cases involving oysters

The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) is conducting investigation into the source of a series of suspected food poisoning cases involving consumption of raw oysters in several food premises.

"Initial investigations by CFS found that the oysters concerned were supplied by the same supplier, Worldwide Seafood Ltd. We have requested the supplier to stop distributing the product," a CFS spokesman said today (October 11).

The CFS reminded retail outlets to take the following steps when preparing and selling raw oysters:

* obtain oysters from credible sources;

* use separate equipment for the preparation of oysters;

* keep oysters separated from other food items at a temperature between zero and four degrees Celsius.

In another development, the spokesman said one of the two samples of eel products taken from a supplier, Ichiban Pacific (HK) Ltd., was found to contain malachite green at a level of 3,300 ppb.

This was a follow-up action taken by CFS following recent blitz operations in which a supplier alleged that their eel products found to contain malachite green were supplied by Ichiban Pacific (HK) Ltd.

"The Centre has seized some 1,050 kilogrammes of eel products at Ichiban Pacific's premises in Tsuen Wan. We are still following up the case," the spokesman said.

Under the Harmful Substances in Food Regulations, no food sold in Hong Kong should contain malachite green.

Ends/Wednesday, October 11, 2006