Ante-mortem Inspection Unit

The Ante-mortem Inspection Unit under the Slaughterhouse (Veterinary) Section is responsible for monitoring the health of food animals´╝łante-mortem inspection´╝ëand animal welfare before slaughter in licensed slaughterhouses.

Ante-mortem Inspection Purpose

Ante-mortem inspection aims to screen out suspected diseased or injured animals for isolation slaughter. This prevents contamination of premises, equipment, carcasses and personnel and facilitates appropriate control, disinfection and preventive measure to be taken to avoid the spread of diseases. Abnormal signs and conditions of the suspected food animals noted in ante-mortem inspection will be used to support the extensive post-mortem inspection and condemnation judgment. It ensures that only safe and wholesome meat will be provided to the market.

Animal Welfare

The Ante-mortem Inspection Unit is also responsible for monitoring animal welfare. It enforces the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ordinance (Cap. 169) to ensure that live food animals are properly looked after and inhumane handling is prevented in the slaughterhouses.