One-minuter Series “From Farm to Table” (Chinese only) (Available for viewing on internet only)

Format: MP4 movie
Duration: About 1 minute each episode, total 5 episodes
Target Audience: Food traders (include importers, distributors and retailers)
Content: In this drama series, the role of a boss and his wife of a food shop introduced the “Food Safety Ordinance” and its new measures, including the registration scheme for food importers and distributors and a record-keeping requirement relating to the movements of food.
Language: Cantonese only (please click this link to be directed to the corresponding Chinese webpage)
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1 “Food Safety Ordinance” commenced on 1 August 2011 Click
2 Food importers and distributors are required to register with Food and Environmental Hygiene Department Click
3 Food traders (include importers, distributors and retailers) are required to keep records of movements of food Click
4 Ways to keep records Click
5 Remind food traders to take early action Click