Frozen Confections Regulation

Section 6 Bacteriological standard of frozen confections for sale

6   No person shall sell, or offer or expose for sale, any frozen confection which contains more than 50000 bacteria per gram or more than 100 coliform bacteria per gram.


Section 7 Restriction on sale, etc. of imported frozen confections

7(1)   No person shall sell, or offer or expose for sale, or advertise for sale, any frozen confection imported into Hong Kong from a source of manufacture other than a source of manufacture which has been approved by the Director.
7(2)   For the purposes of this section, the Director shall not approve any source of manufacture of frozen confections unless he is satisfied that heat-treatment is included in the process of manufacture of such frozen confections.


Section 10 Frozen confections other than soft ice cream to be kept below -2 degrees Celsius

10   No person shall keep any frozen confection intended for sale for human consumption, other than ice cream of the kind commonly known as soft ice cream, in any place the temperature of which exceeds -2 degrees Celsius.


Section 17 Frozen confections not to be manufactured except under licence

17   Save under and in accordance with a licence granted by the Director and in such premises as shall be specified in such licence, no person shall manufacture any frozen confection or cause any frozen confection to be manufactured:

Provided that this section shall not apply to any frozen confection which is manufactured on premises in respect of which a licence has been granted by the Director under the provisions of the Food Business Regulation (Cap 132 sub. leg.) for consumption on those premises.


Note : Please browse for details of the food law in Chapter 132.