Key Message: Foods should be properly stored after they are purchased. Proper storage prevents food contamination, prolongs food shelf life, and reduces food spoilage and waste. We can make reference to the "Safe temperature" and "Separate" in the "Five Keys to Food Safety" to store food.

Safe temperature


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Storage and Freeze Burn of Frozen (Chilled) Foods

Meat and other foods can be kept for 6 to 12 months if thery are stored in ther freezer at - 18 degrees Celsius or below as recommended. Shelf time varies by food, and food labels generally provide storage time instructions. Freezing generally does not destroy nutrients. Nutrients such as protein values in meat and poultry did not change much during refrigeration.

Some people may concern that food stored in the freezer will become dry, discolored or covered with ice crystals. These are all signs of freeze burn that can affect the quality of the food, but not safety. Foods that have changed colour are still safe to eat, and the freeze burn portion can be removed before or after cooking as needed.

To avoid freeze burn:

Storage and Freeze Burn of Frozen (Chilled) Foods