Key Message: When handling leftover, you can make reference to the "Safe temperature" in the "Five Keys to Food Safety" to ensure that the leftovers are stored under safe temperature to reduce the chance of food poisoning. Nonetheless, leftovers should be consumed as soon as possible, and thoroughly reheated before eating.

Safe temperature

We can use the "2-hour/4-hour rule" to handle food at room temperature:

Place at 4°C to 60°C
(e.g. room temperature)

Refrigeration for later use Immediate consumption
<2 Hoursless than 2 hours tick tick
2-4 Hours2 to 4 hours cross tick
>4 Hoursmore than 4 hours cross cross

Food that has been left at room temperature for more than 4 hours should be discarded immediately and should not be refrigerated or eaten.

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