Key Message: Following the "Five Keys to Food Safety" can effectively prevent most cases of food poisoning.

Preventing foodborne diseases (food poisoning) requires cooperation among all members of the food chain. Many cases of foodborne illness occur sporadically and are often caused by preventable behaviours such as consuming raw or undercooked foods and engaging in unsafe practices of food preparation. Domestic food handlers and caregivers have a critical role in reducing the risk of foodborne diseases and preventing infections with 'superbugs'.

Five Keys to Food Safety

By adopting the Five Keys to Food Safety, most foodborne diseases can be prevented.

The Five Keys to Food Safety include:
1.     Choose: Choose safe raw materials
2.     Clean: Keep hands and utensils clean
3.     Separate: Separate raw and cooked food
4.     Cook: Cook thoroughly
5.     Safe temperature: Keep food at safe temperature

"Five Keys to Food Safety" can be applied to daily home diet:

Five Keys to Food Safety

Also, we need to be careful when defrosting frozen food.

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