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Food Safety Tips of Eating Scallops

Scallops (including fan shells and fan scallops) are a type of shellfish commonly found in seafood dishes. Steamed scallops are highly popular dish es . However, scallops (particularly their viscera) can accumulate various types of hazards (such as heavy metals, shellfish toxins and microbiological contaminants ) due to their habitat and feeding behaviour. The level of risk associated with consumption of scallops has actually a lot to do with how the scallops are prepared and cooked. As viscera of contaminated shellfish have a higher level of accumulated heavy metals, shellfish toxins and microbiological contaminants, they should be removed before cooking and only the adductor muscles should be consumed.

Advice to the Public

  • Purchase shellfish from reliable source.
  • Scrub and clean shells before cooking and have their viscera removed.
  • Cook thoroughly and discard any cooking liquid before consumption.
  • Consume a small amount of shellfish in any one meal. Maintain a balanced diet and avoid excessive intake of certain types of food.


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Last Revision Date : 17-12-2013