Important Note

  1. This list represents customer information provided by importers and major distributors.
  2. The list may not be complete and may be updated as appropriate.
  3. Publication of the list is to ensure recall of specified products in a timely and systematic manner under the Food Safety Order. At the time of publication, companies on the list may have no stock of relevant products, or have returned them to suppliers, or have removed them from the shelves, or have stopped using such products over a period of time.


  1. 本清單列載由有關產品的進口商及主要分銷商提供的客戶資料。
  2. 清單未必完整,按情況可能會予以更新。
  3. 公布清單,旨在確保按<食物安全命令>回收指明產品的工作能夠盡快和有系統地完成。現時,有關商戶可能已經沒有有關產品的存貨,或已經退回有關產品給供應商,或已將有關產品下架,又或已經在一段時間內沒有使用有關產品。

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