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Safe Handling of Tomatoes

Safe Handling of Tomatoes

Recently, a number of Salmonella outbreaks associated with the consumption of raw tomatoes occurred in the USA. Although fruits and vegetables are not always associated with Salmonella infection, outbreaks did occur in the USA in the past. Here are some safety tips when you eat tomatoes:

Safety tips for trade:

  • Purchase fresh tomatoes from reliable suppliers;
  • Purchase tomatoes that are wholesome and fresh;
  • Wash the outer surface of the tomatoes thoroughly under running water to remove surface dirt;
  • Wash hands thoroughly with liquid soap and warm water before cutting tomatoes;
  • Use separate knives and chopping boards for handling ready-to-eat tomatoes and other raw food;
  • Wash all utensils thoroughly with hot water and detergent before and after use;
  • Properly cover ready-to-eat tomatoes and prevent cross-contamination during food preparation and storage;
  • Refrigerate the cut, peeled and cooked tomatoes promptly and maintain the temperature of the refrigerator at 4° C or below; and
  • Discard the cut, peeled and cooked tomatoes that have been kept at room temperature for more than 2 hours.


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