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Recall of Chocolate Products as a Precautionary Step

Issue Date

29 September 2008

Source of Information

Cadbury Asia Pacific

Food Product


Name of Manufacturer

Beijing Plant of Cadbury Asia Pacific

Product Name and Description

1. Cadbury Dark Chocette 45g
2. Cadbury Dark Chocette 80g
3. Cadbury Eclairs 180g
4. Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate 150g Pumpkin
5. Cadbury Dark Chocolate 40g
6. Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bulk Pack 5kg
7. Cadbury Dark Chocolate Bulk Pack 5kg
8. Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut Chocolate Bulk Pack 5kg
9. Cadbury Dairy Milk Cookies Chocolate Bulk Pack 5kg
10. Cadbury Hazelnut Praline Chocolate 312g (2008 Chinese New Year)
11. Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate 300g (2008 Chinese New Year)


Reason for Recall

As a precautionary step that the products may be contaminated by melamine.

Action Taken by the Centre for Food Safety

The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) has alerted the trade and would test the related products. We are closely monitoring the situation.

Advice to the Trade

Stop selling the affected products

Advice to Consumers

Stop consuming the affected products

Further Information

The CFS press release


Centre for Food Safety
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department
29 September 2008

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Last Revision Date : 29-09-2008