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E-news - 18.01.2018

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Theme Exhibitions in Communication Resource Unit

  中心轄下的傳達資源小組 ( 小組 ) 於 1 月至 3 月舉辦「營養標籤多面睇」及「如何處理含有天然毒素的食用植物」 為主題的 展覽。展覽活動包括播放教育短片及設置展板讓市民增加對食物安全的認識,更備有各種食物安全宣傳單張供公眾取閱。小組位於九龍旺角花園街市政大廈 8 樓, 歡迎食物業及市民預約參觀 。

The Communication Resource Unit (CRU) of the CFS will organise exhibitions on the theme of “ Have a Closer Look at Nutrition Labelling ” and “ How To Process Food Plants With Natural Toxin ” from January to March. The exhibitions include short food safety and education videos and exhibition boards to enrich the public’s knowledge on food safety. Various types of pamphlets are also available for collection by the public. Food Trade and public are welcome to make appointment to visit the CRU at 8/F, Fa Yuen Street Municipal Services Building, Mongkok, Kowloon.

詳情請參閱以下網頁 :
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中文 : http://www.cfs.gov.hk/tc_chi/whatsnew/whatsnew_fstr/whatsnew_fstr_food_safety_charter_Exhibitions_Talks.html

English: http://www.cfs.gov.hk/english/whatsnew/whatsnew_fstr/whatsnew_fstr_food_safety_charter_Exhibitions_Talks.html

List of Small Volume Exemption Products

 根據小量豁免制度,在香港每年銷售量不超過 30,000件的相同版本預先包裝食物,可獲授予營養標籤豁免。有關豁免產品名單已上載中心網頁。

Under the Small Volume Exemption (SVE) Scheme, prepackaged foods of the same version with annual sales volume in Hong Kong not exceeding 30,000 units may be granted with exemption from providing nutrition labelling. List of SVE products has been uploaded onto the CFS website.

詳情請參閱以下網頁 :
Please click into th e webpage for details:

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Roving Exhibition on Food Safety

 1 月下旬的巡迴展覽內容包括營養標籤、有機食物、避免食用河豚、食物安全 5要點、控制食物溫度及天然毒素。展覽將設於觀塘宜安街街市及屯門政府合署。

The coming exhibitions will be held in late January at Yee On Market and Tuen Mun Government Offices . Panels cover topics on nutrition labelling, organic food, avoid consuming puffer fish, 5 keys for food safety , control of food temperature and natural toxins.

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