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To test your understanding on genetically modified food, please answer the 'True or False' questions below.

Don't Know
  1. Both genetic modification and traditional breeding involve the alteration of genetic make-up of living organism to produce the desired traits.
  1. There is no benefit with regard to genetically modified (GM) food.
  1. Safety of GM food is assessed before it is available in the market.
  1. Only nutritional and toxicological properties of GM food are considered when assessing the 'substantial equivalence' of a GM food.
  1. There is no GM food containing animal gene currently on sale.
  1. GM and non-GM foods may not be completely separated along the food supply chain, hence a threshold level of GM material is generally allowed in respective foods when setting a labelling system.
  1. Corn and soya bean products are the most common GM food products in the market.
  1. There is no internationally agreed policy on labelling of GM food yet.

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