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27/08/2014  Warning on fish fibers from Taiwan containing excessive mercury (with photo)
26/08/2014  Consumers urged not to consume raw cow's milk cheese suspectedly contaminated by E coli
21/08/2014  Warning on Australian apricot kernels containing high levels of hydrocyanic acid
21/08/2014  A milk beverage and frozen confection found unhygienic
20/08/2014  Test results of seasonal food surveillance project on mooncakes all satisfactory
20/08/2014  Warning on American peanut and almond butters with possible Salmonella contamination
14/08/2014  Two kinds of bottled bean milk of the same brand contaminated with pathogen (with photo)
14/08/2014  Microbiological Guidelines for Food takes effect today
08/08/2014  Sulphur dioxide found in two fresh pork samples by CFS
07/08/2014  Consumers urged not to consume pre-packed pistachio suspected to be contaminated with aflatoxins (with photo)
01/08/2014  A kind of milk found imported from unapproved source of manufacture

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