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26/10/2016Eggs imported from Poland suspected to be contaminated with Salmonella
25/10/2016CFS computers suspected to be hacked
25/10/2016Public urged not to consume a kind of breakfast cereal for young children suspected to contain metal wires
25/10/2016Satay paste sample detected with preservatives exceeding legal limits
25/10/2016Hong Kong bans import of poultry meat and products from Bhutan
24/10/2016CFS finds Salmonella in prepackaged cut papaya sample
14/10/2016Excessive cadmium found in imported cooked snow crab sample
14/10/2016Vinegar sample detected with preservative ethyl para-hydroxybenzoate
14/10/2016Excessive pesticide residues found in three vegetable samples
12/10/2016Egg noodle sample detected with preservative exceeding legal limit
12/10/2016CFS finds Salmonella in roast pork sample
11/10/2016Import of poultry and poultry products from Jinchuan District of Jinchang City in Gansu Province and Xiaochang County of Xiaogan City in Hubei Province suspended
07/10/2016Test results of seasonal food surveillance project on hairy crabs (first phase) all satisfactory
06/10/2016Pesticide residue exceeds legal limit in Chinese kale sample
04/10/2016Excessive cadmium found in imported crab samples
03/10/2016Two imported frozen confection samples detected with total bacteria counts exceeding legal limit
03/10/2016Pesticide residue exceeds legal limit in Chinese lettuce sample

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Last revision date: 26-10-2016