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Canned pork products test results (with photos)

  In response to media reports about detection of veterinary drug residues in some canned pork products, the Centre for Food Safety (CFS) has taken a total of 19 samples of pork products of the same brands from the local market for testing. Further to the test results for nitrofuran announced on Monday (December 3) for 11 samples, the CFS today (December 7) announced the remaining results.

  The 19 samples taken include samples of 12 luncheon meat, three spiced pork cubes, one stewed pork ribs, one stewed pork, one shredded pork with preserved vegetable, and one sliced pork in Szechuan style. With the exception of three, 16 samples were tested free from nitrofuran and malachite green."

  Regarding the three samples with problem, apart from the "Shanghai MaLing B2 Pork Luncheon Meat (Less sodium)" (340 g) one earlier found to contain a metabolite of nitrofuran, the two samples just found to contain veterinary drug residues are:

  * "MaLing stewed pork ribs" (397 g), found to contain trace amount of a nitrofuran metabolite(0.0016ppm). The batch number is T12 10, with a best before date of 17.8.2010; and

  * "MaLing pork luncheon meat" (198 g), found to contain trace amount of malachite green(0.0066ppm). The batch number is M1 8,with a best before date of 8.6.2010.

  Under existing legislation, malachite green is not allowed in food.

  The presence of nitrofuran or malachite green in food is unacceptable, as consumption of these chemicals over a prolonged period may cause cancer. The levels of nitrofuran and malachite green currently detected are low, and normal consumption should not pose serious health risks to consumers.

   "The sole agents of the concerned products have proactively initiated a recall and suspended sale of the affected canned food, we would continue to follow up the case," a CFS spokesman said.

   "We have informed the Mainland authorities of the latest test results for their appropriate action."

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