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Test results of scallop samples

    The Centre for Food Safety today (May 3) announced laboratory results for scallop samples recently collected for the testing of Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) toxin.

     "Following the earlier detection of a high level of PSP toxin in a scallop sample, the CFS collected more samples for testing. Results available today showed that of the 16 samples comprising two kinds of scallops (11 sin pui and five dai tsi) tested, seven sin pui (all belong to the same species Patinopecten yessoensis) were found to contain PSP toxin, at levels ranging from 1,120 to 2,560 micrograms/100 grams," a CFS spokesman said.

     "PSP toxin is a natural toxin sometimes found in bi-valve shellfish. It is heat-stable and cannot be destroyed through cooking. As the levels of toxin detected remain high, we advise the public to avoid eating scallops (sin pui) for the time being," he added.

     "The samples tested were collected at wholesale and retail levels. The relevant stalls would stop selling the scallops (sin pui) in question. We are now tracing the source.

     "We will take more samples for testing and closely monitor the situation," the spokesman said.

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