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Tests results on Bombay Duck samples

The Controller of the Centre for Food Safety (CFS), Dr Mak Sin-ping, announced today (December 21) the test results for Bombay Duck samples.

   Dr Mak said the CFS had collected six fish samples from local retail outlets for testing of formaldehyde and other preservatives (including sorbic acid, benzoic acid, salicylic acid and sulphur dioxide).

   Dr Mak said, "Formaldehyde, at levels ranging from 37 to 130 mg/kg, was present in all six samples but they were free from other preservatives.

   "Research studies show that such levels are compatible with the natural occurrence of formaldehyde in Bombay Duck."

   Dr Mak said that in some kinds of seafood, such as fish (including Bombay Duck) and shrimps, the level of naturally occurring formaldehyde was usually associated with a similar level of dimethylamine.

   Further tests on the existence of dimethylamine in the fish samples confirmed the findings that the formaldehyde detected was natural occurrence.

   Dr Mak said there was no reason for undue alarm and as formaldehyde was water soluble, the fish should be thoroughly washed and cooked before consumption.

   The CFS will continue to monitor the situation and take follow-up action as necessary.

Ends/Thursday, December 21, 2006

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