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Results of tests on eggs and fish

The Acting Controller for the Centre for Food Safety (CFS), Dr Ho Yuk-yin, announced today (November 24) test results for egg and freshwater fish samples.

  Dr Ho said among the results for 55 egg samples (including hen eggs, duck eggs and duck egg yolks) available today, three hen egg samples were found to contain Sudan dyes.

  “The samples were taken from egg stalls at the To Kwa Wan Market and Fa Yuen Street Market. The eggs in question were believed to be imported from Hunan.

  “We advise the trade to provide information in tracing the source of affected eggs. In Hong Kong, it is illegal to sell food containing non-permitted substances. The maximum penalty is a fine of $50,000 and six months’ imprisonment.

  “We also advise the public to buy eggs from reputable shops,” Dr Ho said.

  Turning to freshwater fish samples, Dr Ho said results available today showed that trace amounts of malachite green were present in 11 of the 15 freshwater grouper samples, but all samples were free from antibiotics chloramphenicol. Results for tests on other drug residues are pending.

  “The samples tested positive for malachite green were taken from retail outlets. We would trace the source and collect more samples to assess the situation.

  “The CFS advises the trade to suspend temporarily the sale of freshwater groupers,” he said.

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