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CFS follows up problem eggs on the Mainland

The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) has collected 26 egg samples for testing following recent detection of Sudan dyes in eggs on the Mainland, the Centre's Assistant Director (Food Surveillance and Control), Dr Thomas Chung, said today (November 20).

  “We have followed up the case with the relevant Mainland authorities and understood that the eggs detected with Sudan dyes, which come from a food company in Hubei Province, have not been exported to Hong Kong,” he said.

  Dr Chung stressed that there was no cause for undue alarm.

  “Based on the reported levels of Sudan dyes detected, normal consumption of eggs would not pose any significant health effects,” he said.

  “Under the food surveillance programme, some 740 egg samples were collected from January 2005 to September 2006 for the testing of various parameters including colouring matters. No non-permitted colours were detected.

  “The CFS will closely monitor the situation and take appropriate action as necessary,” Dr Chung said.

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