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Food Safety Focus (39th Issue, October 2009) – Food for Thought

Hairy Crab

      Starting from this issue, we introduce this new “Food for Thought” column with a purpose to better our general knowledge in food safety (i.e. identify food hazards and tackle them), so that we can choose our food wisely and handle our food safely. Let's begin with the hairy crab, a seasonal Chinese delicacy, which is now widely available.

Food Safety/Health Concerns in Hairy Crab

Advice to the Public

Infestation of parasite (such as Paragonimus westermani) and bacterial spoilage

  • Buy live hairy crabs with intact, shiny shells without a foul smell.
  • Brush and wash the shells and claws with water before cooking.
  • Cook thoroughly before consumption.

Abuse of veterinary drugs (such as antibiotics) and synthetic hormones used in crabs to promote growth

  • Buy hairy crabs from reliable shops or restaurants.

Pollutants (such as heavy metals) for crabs cultivated in contaminated water.

  • Maintain a balanced diet.

Dietary cholesterol

  • Eat hairy crab s in moderation.


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