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Food Safety Focus (39th Issue, October 2009) – Food Incident Highlight

Health Issue of Disposable Tray Liner

      Recently, a survey conducted by a political party raised concerns over the potential health risk of direct contact between foods, such as French fries, and disposable tray liners used in fast food chains.

      Generally speaking, disposable tray liners are for presentation and advertising purposes. The health concern is mainly on whether any chemicals in printing ink will be released from the liners when in contact with foods. According to overseas research, the amounts of chemicals released from widely used printing ink for food packaging to foods will not pose a significant risk to human health.

      Nonetheless, disposable tray liners are usually not made from food contact materials intended to hold foods. It is advised that foods should not be placed directly on these tray liners to minimise any health risks. Also, a warning is suggested to be printed on the tray liners as a friendly reminder.


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Last Revision Date :23-10-2009