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Food Safety Focus (33rd Issue, April 2009) – Food Incident Highlight

More on the Rapid Alert System

Further to the Food Incident Highlight article on the Rapid Alert (RA) System in the 31st issue, we have expanded the RA webpage to include more information.

The expanded webpage now includes summaries of major food safety incidents. The first summary relates to the recall of peanuts and peanut products contaminated with Salmonella in the USA . We have also added hyperlinks of the relevant overseas authorities.

Members of the food trade are encouraged to sign up with the free RA System with the enrolment form in the above webpage in order to keep up-to-date with details on the latest food incidents and to inform the CFS immediately if the concerned products are available. A sample of the RA message is also available on the same page.

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Last Revision Date :15-04-2009