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Food Safety Focus (101st Issue, December 2014) – Food Incident Highlight

Total Diet Study Report on Dietary Minerals Intake in Hong Kong Adults

The Centre for Food Safety released the ninth report of the First Hong Kong Total Diet Study this month. The report, on the dietary intakes of 13 minerals of the general adult population, reveals that the intakes of calcium, iron, and potassium are inadequate, while that of sodium is in excess. Minerals are essential nutrients for growth, development and normal body functions. Adverse health consequences to the human body can arise from inadequate or excessive intakes of minerals.

To increase the dietary intakes of calcium, iron and potassium, consumers are advised to include, as part of a balanced diet, more food rich in these nutrients, such as dairy products, beans, vegetables (especially dark green vegetables) and fruits, and a moderate amount of nuts. Fortified foods are considered as sources of respective minerals as well (e.g. calcium fortified milk). Contrarily, they are advised to reduce sodium intake by choosing foods with less salt or sodium.
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Last Revision Date : 17-12-2014