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Food Safety Focus (9th Issue, April 2007) – Food Incident Highlight

Poisoning Caused by Grass Carp Gall Bladder

The Department of Health recently reported that a woman was hospitalised with acute renal and liver failure following consumption of a stewed grass carp gall bladder.

Gall bladders of grass carp and some other species of the family Cyprinidae have been associated with bile-induced hepatitis and renal failure in human. Such acute poisoning is believed to be caused by chemicals related to cyprinol. These chemicals could not be destroyed by cooking, and can affect liver, kidney, cardiovascular system, and in some cases, the central nervous system. Death was also reported.

As the gall bladders of the members of the carp family, including grass carp, common carp, mud carp, black carp, edible goldfish, silver carp and big head, contain the toxic substances, the public should not consume their gall bladders.

Illustration: Grass carp


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